Världens bästa textförfattare

I veckan har vi haft lyriktema på Kulturkollo. Det har pratats dikter och poesi, en genre som är mig väldigt främmande. Visst kan jag uppskatta dikter, men det är inte min grej. Jag älskar vackra ord, text som bränner, men jag vill ha mina ord kombinerade med musik. Musik förstärker. 

Min absoluta favorit bland textförfattare är Robert Smith. Hans ord och hans röst tillsammans med The Cures suggestiva musik skapar en alldeles speciell känsla. Surrealism. Melankoli. Ofta finns ett mörker med, men inte alltid. Det är mycket regn. Ofta börjar sången i kärlek och lycka och slutar i brustet hjärta, sorg eller död. Men ibland håller sig också lyckan kvar ända till sista raden…

Här är några favoritstrofer:

i really don’t think it gets any better than this
vanilla smile
and a gorgeous strawberry kiss!
mint car

remember the first time i told you i love you –
it was raining hard and you never heard –
you sneezed! and i had to say it over
”i said i love you” i said… you didn’t say a word
there is no if

and i keep saying i will but i won’t
i keep saying i do but i don’t
and i keep saying i feel
but there is nothing to feel
just this strange kind of nothing where it used to be me…
it used to be me

the very first time i saw your face
i thought of a song
and quickly changed the tune

and she used to fall down a lot
that girl was always falling
again and again
and i used to sometimes try to catch her
but never even caught her name

and the way the rain comes down hard…
that’s how i feel inside…

i couldn’t hear a word you said
i couldn’t hear at all
you talked until your tongue fell out
and then you talked some more
the exploding boy
the stars are dimmed by clouds and tears
and all i wish
is gone away
to wish impossible things
on candystripe legs the spiderman comes
softly through the shadow of the evening sun
stealing past the windows of the blissfully dead
looking for the victim shivering in bed
hey you!!!
yes you
yes you the one that looks like christmas
come over here and kiss me
kiss me
hey you!!!
it’s a perfect day for kiss and swell
for rip-zipping button-popping kiss and well…
doing the unstuck
you standing quiet in the rain
as i ran to your heart to be near
and we kissed as the sky fell in
holding you close
how i always held close in your fear
pictures of you